…found inside a vintage plastic purse…


…if only the fortune could be true…


18 Comments on Small things…

  1. you never know, the fortune could be oh so true:) its all in the eye of the beholder…ps, hello, im britt and im new to your blog. love it! youre darling. hope you dont mind me stopping by! have a lovely day

  2. I wish that fortune to be true for anyone who even SEES it! Your post is live on my blog! Thanks for helping out!

  3. If one truly believes that all things shall be well, they're well on their way to making that fortunate come true. . .and to discovering the beginning the wisdowm–or so the old ones tell us.

  4. Such a treasure. The thing I love most about old furniture and boxes and whatnot is what you discover inside. For a few moments, you peer into the life of another.

  5. Is that a coaster from the Muse hotel on West 46th in New York? It's just I have one almost identical to it from when my family and I stayed there last summer! By the way, the photograph, and your vintage purse, are both gorgeous!!

  6. thank you!! yes, it's from the muse hotel in nyc!!! it's from a trip three years ago. (i remember it because that was the year I sprained my ankle in a pothole outside Barneys on Madison Ave.)