Daylight is brief at the top of the world this time of year, but my flight home from Paris took me over the Polar Ice Cap and I managed to catch a view of moonrise and sunlight glinting off the pressure ridges in the ice. From 35,000 feet, they look like mountain ranges.

Lovely as it was, it was hard not to be shaken by the view of the broken sea ice that followed. It’s a reminder that global warming challenges us all.
Home now in LA, with lots of memories of Paris and things to think about….
PS: I’m not sure if I told you this, but four years ago I wrote about this little documentary concerning this subject. I begged the producers to let me do the story while the film was still being edited. No one was really talking about global warming much back then — except for one man who I had the honor of interviewing. The film turned into a very big deal. I’m very proud that LA Times was the first news organization to have the story. Here are the links to the old clips if you want to see them…

21 Comments on A View of the Arctic

  1. So beautiful, as lovely as the Paris Blvds. . .and,yes, a beauty whose preservation must concern us all. Thank you.

  2. oh my goodness…yeah, that second image is startling.

    well, glad you enjoyed your trip. looking forward to reading more about it!

  3. So glad you're home safe. Pictures are beautiful but much to think about for certain. Have a great day.

  4. OK Tina, it's all very well showing us freezing photos when you're on your way back to California where the sun ALWAYS shines (even at night). Right? I'm writing this with freezing fingers and a granny blanket on my lap!
    Seriously though – amazing shots and I loved checking in on your Paris trip and feeling exceedingly jealous! It's only a few hours by train from London but it always has that feel of "so near, yet so far".

  5. Hi Tina,
    I would love to get the info on the Paris apartment. I want to go and spend some time there this summer. I will look forward to the info. Sounds like you had a magical trip; however, it is not difficult to have any other experience than that when in Paris!

  6. Tina! I can not BELIEVE you wrote about "Inconvenient Truth." Holy wow. "You're so hot and you don't even know it!!" Meaning, hello, you're amazing and SO modest. In other words, I worship you. Hahahaha

    Glad to have you home safely and I can't wait to hear more about your trip! Also, want to send you my racy photos for Sugar Pop Tarts!

  7. Oh, Tina, it is so good that such a blogger like you, who seems not to care about global warming, indeed really cares take the issue seriously. I salute you!

    I love your blog as always, and I, too, lives in a very environmentally supporting environment:)

  8. We bought the DVD as soon as it hit the store. Originally from TN , I have always followed Al Gore's crusade. He was unjustly discredited in many ways during his vice-presidency, which I believe didn't really help this particular issue…few were paying attention and many believed global warming was opinion, instead of fact. I loved that the DVD made it possible for lay people (like me) understand the issue better.

    Anyway, thanks for the post and bringing it up once again! We really do need to pay attention. Day to day here on the East coast people appreciate the fact that at the end of January 2010, we are having temperatures in the high 40's and 50's…and forget that we should not, absolutely not, be really experiencing day to day temperatures that high. We should be freezing at around 25 to low 30's!

    Oh, I need to stop rambling!

    Thanks for your lovely post, as always!!

  9. Wow, that is so cool, both the photos and the story! Global warming is such a pressing issue, I can't get over the fact that we're not all driving environmental friendly cars already for example… Oh, well, in an ideal world I guess. Great post!