Fruit, firecrackers, Chinese newspapers, cookies and candied ginger…
Feb 16, 20101
Feb 16, 20102
Feb 16, 2010
Such a colorful melange of things on display along the sidewalks of SF’s Chinatown today.

Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone! Goodbye damn tough Ox.


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  1. Any kind of market is my favorite thing to attend to. I just love the bustle, the cute people, the colors, and the fabulous food!

  2. I love the hustle and bustle of a China Town market. The colors are so vibrant! I hope you enjoy SF….

    I've lived here for 7 years so I'm partial…but it is definitely a beautiful city!

  3. I love exploring Chinatown, my 5 senses are on high octane somehow!
    Cheers to the Tiger year~ should try a beer with that name Tina! Tiger Beer*

  4. I loved the architecture of Old Chinatown in SF and was amazed by the variety of traditional embroidered Chinese shoes, but I didn't buy anything in the end – there was too much cat and dog fur on display in the shop windows :(

  5. Has to be said – tiger beer is a nice one! Loving the images: definitely wish I were there rather than here…

  6. i could quite easily say candied ginger is the best thing ever right now!
    totally addicted i must admit :)
    Pearl xo

  7. Just went the other day to buy fireworks for Chinese New Year! Always so much fun there! Also love that you can buy colorful Pashmina's there for $5.00!!! I am loving your recent posts with such colorful photos! xox

  8. GG & I are so happy, as you are, to kick the behind out of Ox. Tigers Rule (even little ones:) Glad you're having excellent time in Chinatown. Man, it's making me hungry now. How is Lola doing?

    ciao, bella

    xoSusan & GG

  9. I love Chinatown! Remember to look up, it's just as fascinating as looking around the streets. Have fun!