Downtown San Francisco
The fog makes the contrast between gray and vibrant color even more remarkable!


19 Comments on Downtown San Francisco

  1. Being from San Francisco I've seen a lot of photos of this town! Yours are AMAZING!!! Wow! The angles, coloring, contrasts, patterns!! Everything just wonderful!! Hope you had a fantastic trip!! ~ Michelle

  2. Not having visited San Fran I can't comment too much, but I always love your polaroids Tina! That second polaroid with the street lights and the fog is soo eerie and mysterious, what a great shot

  3. Wonderful!
    A lady who owns an amazing shop where i live is closing down and moving to san fransisco *tear*
    There's another creative lady to join the beautiful city!
    Pearl xo

  4. This is the San Francisco I remember, teehee. Always foggy when I'm there, but always so beautiful. Yay Polaroids! You have such a great eye for photography.

  5. We used to live there. Love it, miss it, wish I were there, and glad you are! Thanks for the memories and a view of the city I'd never seen before :)

  6. you sure have a way of making it look *magical* and deserted! where are all the people??? Great shots, no less!