Along the Embarcadero…

Oceans of oranges and veggies from Half Moon Bay.


12 Comments on Farmers Market

  1. All your SF posts have reminded me of just how lucky I am to call this beautiful place home! Thank you.

  2. are these more pics from your i-phone? Because seriously the quality is amazing. Look at those orange oranges!

  3. wonderful vibrant colors :) food markets always look so colorful and exciting :)btw, it is a wonderful (for you travelers) and funny coincidence that several bloggers (including you) are currently visiting SF. I wish I was one of you :)

  4. How lovely. I lived in San Francisco last year, and the thing I miss the most is farmer's markets in the winter.
    These photos are gorgeous.

  5. Ahhhh, Half Moon Bay – one of my all time favorite places. The picture of the oranges is making me crave orange juice, lol. Beautiful shots Tina!