Driving along Interstate 5 on the way back to Los Angeles. Already missing San Francisco! This weekend I’ll be doing lots of laundry…

What about you?


24 Comments on Happy Weekend

  1. I'm hiding under covers. Tomorrow I will excavate self & go buy cat food (for GG), milk, & daffodils. Laundry must be done, too, but I have to drag it downstairs & outside & down a road. Blech. Hope you have a safe ride home. That's a very purty pitcher, Miss Tina.

    ciao-meow from S & GG

  2. I'll be popping over to Bath (England) with a friend for a day trip. It's a 15-minute train ride from Bristol, & I still haven't been yet. I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen such a pretty of the I-5. :)

    I have a piano recital on Sunday, and I'm receiving my Senior Medal, which I'm really excited about! But I will be doing my laundry as well. I suppose it's just one of those weekend things..

  4. Oh shopping. Shopping, shopping and more shopping! And some eating…
    All intellectual pretensions left out in the rain.

  5. well isn't that picture just a breath of fresh air?? Hopefully I'll be making my abode a bit fresher this weekend as well.


  6. The green in your photo is a such refreshing reminder that spring might eventual come. We dug ourselves out of 3 feet of snow this weekend!!!

    😉 V.

  7. I shooooooooould be doing loads of laundry. Not so much happening. Ah ha ha. I'm you're newest fab btw. Amazing site!

  8. well i tell you what i'd LIKE to be doing… rolling around that field there… with a lemonade and/or popsicle.

  9. I'm in the same mode Tina! Packin' it up..again! Downsizing to more affordable is a great thing..
    The churches and shelters have been great to leave books and clothing at..
    I can't wait to tell you all where we are headed!!
    Happy Weekend and xo your new diggs!