The view of the alley outside our temporary SF abode…
rear window
…I wonder who lives in the apartment with the lace curtains and the window box. I love how she has her little clay pots and basket on the fire escape. …

Maybe she’s an international banker. Or maybe she’s working on the next big Internet sensation. On the weekends perhaps she listens to Edith Piaf on an old turntable, makes fantastic omelets with cheese from the farmers market and reads the Atlantic on her Kindle.

I wonder…

What do you think?


28 Comments on The Rear Window

  1. I could see her as a high school teacher — the math teacher that no one expects to have a green thumb.

    You'll have to keep watching and let us know who appears!

  2. Perhaps she is actually a he! who knows…SF certainly has some colorful & creative residents no?!
    The Hitchcock movie is so wonderful~

  3. what pretty lace curtains and flowers! i'd say she is a elementary school teacher, the sweet, pretty one that all the kids like!

    p.s. check your twitter DMs :)

  4. What is it about a fire escape that makes me want to get a guitar and sing Moon River ? Cute post !!


  5. thank you! i was thinking about holly golightly too…(and yes, ms. lenore, you are an excellent concierge!)

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only person who LOVES looking at other people's windows and imagining who they are. :-)

  7. I think that she's a elderly and fabulous and wears her hair in a bun and puts on lipstick every day.

  8. I think beyond those lace curtains is a lovely delicate teapot and china cup and saucer on her table with an organic seed catalog dreaming of her summer window box :)

  9. I think she writes romantic chicklit and dreams of the day when Gerard Butler will climb the fire escape and whisk her off to a life of adventure!
    Why don't you go and knock at her door and ask – we're all itching to find out now!!

  10. Well, it could be me. That's apparently what my apt. looks like from outside. No bun, kids. Long hair. No red dress, but blue. No chicklit but Keats & Camus. China cup, yep.


  11. oh i love this. maybe she wears only vintage dresses, and writes children's books. on saturday mornings she drinks coffee and eats cinnamon toast while her musician boyfriend plays new songs for her on his guitar. her hero is audrey hepburn and 'moon river' makes her cry. she dreams of paris and new york city.

  12. This was what I also used to ponder about my neighbors when I lived by the apartments. I think it's funny to where our curiosity could lead us to thinking about them.

  13. I picture her being from Germany, since pretty lace curtains and window boxes are almost ubiquitous here. I like your thinking on how she spends her weekends…

  14. I think she's a country girl and on the other side of the window she has a curly iron and brass bed from her grandmother's smokehouse and some chairs rescued from the street that are slipcovered in chintz from her mother's attic. She drinks red wine from big balloons and reads english chick lit while she drys her hair…all this when she's not working as simon doonan's most recent gofer.

  15. Face it! Your in San Francisco, I suspect a very fastidious man lives there.
    Really people, let's not assume.