Under a balmy blue sky
San Francisco
It felt like summer today…
San Francisco
You could smell incense in the warm air as the city’s large Chinese community welcomed the new year with shrines to Buddha and prayers
for good luck..

As usual, I was distracted by all the architectural details…
San Francisco
The buildings are so European.
San Francisco
But the weather and vibe is pure California…
At the moment, the huge bay windows in my hotel room are propped open and I’m listening to the city life outside: that ringing trolley bell and all those squeaky breaks, worn from climbing all those hills.

And I understand why many hearts are left here.

(Photos taken with a 1970s Polaroid OneStep Flash camera.)


29 Comments on San Francisco Polaroids

  1. Beautiful polaroids! Couldn't you just spend hours walking up and down the hills taking in the architecture? If only it weren't for all the hills! =)

  2. oh i wish i could be there!
    the buildings do loo very european, i love the first and second polaroid. the colours are stunning!
    Pearl xo

  3. I would love to travel to America one day, and visit San Francisco among many other gorgeous cities…here's hoping!

  4. I love these photos!! I was just there on Sunday… hop on over to my blog and check out pictures of my favorite city. XO

  5. Tina darling, i can picture you living in the bay area…perhaps near the Marina district/ south of Market lofts?!

  6. I can see/hear/smell it, Tina. Polaroids are terrific.

    Some years ago I was walking in SF & just like you I am distracted by architectural detail. It's a wonder I haven't met my end in Rome (or elsewhere). Anyway, chatting to a friend & looking up (ignoring or not hearing her warning), I walk-tripped headlong into a large crate of Chinese greens. They are a lovely addition to a food plate: adornment, taste, & vitamins; to one's head & shoulders? Not so much.

    One of my more embarrassing moments in life. And that's saying something. Ahem.

    I hope Lola is enjoying her first trip to SF, along with the rest of the family.

    ciao bella

  7. Le sigh.. I've always admired your polaroids! I wish I could take pictures with even a hint of your point of view. Beautiful!

  8. I love how Polaroids make everything look so soft with a bit of a vintage flair. Love San Francisco — one of my favorite cities.

  9. That first photo is unreal. You are such a great photographer, Tina! Seriously…this is your (second) calling:)

    PS loving the idea of a ringing trolley bell outside my window right now…

  10. Hi Tina! I love your blog! Where do you most enjoy staying in San Francisco? I'm planning a last minute trip there for the weekend and would love a recommendation (or two)! You mentioned the huge bay windows in your hotel room– which hotel? Sounds so lovely…

  11. I've lived in the Los Angeles area for 9 years, and never ventured to San Fran, a place I always longed to go. I believe that these photos have captured the essence of how San Francisco lives in my imagination. Thanks so much for sharing.