A beautiful vintage box found at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market in Paris….

Painted on both sides….

And just large enough to hide an old love note…

It’s small, about the size of a deck of cards!…I’m not sure how old it is, but it’s very special.

Leave a comment to enter! Winner picked on Monday!


163 Comments on Thursday Giveaway: Paris Flea Market Treasure Box

  1. I have ten tiny pea green envelopes with love letters that my boyfriend hand made, filled with hand cut love hearts…

    A perfect place to keep them, xxx

  2. How can you bear to give away such a darling little box? Well, if you are sure you can part with it, please count me in! :)

  3. This is such a wonderful find! I'd love to have it on my bedside table to hold love notes & trinkets from my husband. xoxo

  4. Oh gosh, imagine what secret little love notes have been hidden in there over the years. I bet it could tell a story or two…

  5. Hello lovely blogger.
    I don't have anything exciting to compete with, my story is fairly simple- I've just moved to the city with my boyfriend to start a new and exciting life together. I'm slowly hoping to find special pieces to make our house a home. So… here's hoping :)


  6. Very sweet…I am watching the HBO series, 'John Adams' this week..looks like a scene from the movie…it is lovely.

  7. That is gorgeous! I want to collect little boxes. I miss the time when I was writing letters to my boyfriend because we had a desert between us.

  8. I had business cards printed up in Venice during my last visit (years ago) which do not fit into my standard size Tiffany case, apparently European cards are bigger, I could put some in this box.
    I wish I could give away great stuff on my blog but times are tuff and nobody would want to win a pair of my old shoes.
    I suppose I could giveaway an illustration. I'm still pretty new to the blogger world.

  9. Oh oh oh!! I would store in it a tiny vial of perfume that was my grandmother's, it would be a treasure within a treasure! It will work nicely for anyone's little personal sparkles…<3

  10. I would love this vintage delight placed on my desk while I'm working with my Grandfather Sabatine's old deck of cards safely inside.

  11. That box made me nostalgic and made me remeber happy memories back in the days when i used to live in Paris…

  12. What a fantastic giveaway. It's so special because this lovely box has a story and a meaning. It might have been someone's treasure box for storing special secrets! It would be a wonderful gift for V-Day, to tuck a small collection of handwritten love notes inside. Thanks for offering it so generously!

  13. I love this, my best friend would adore something like this! I hope I'm picked so I can give it to her!! <3

  14. love, love this box. What a beautiful find. I really would love this box to store my mothers notes she wrote to me while she was alive. I hope I get but If I don't happy for the one who does:)

  15. C'est magnifique!

    If it comes to me to cherish, I will calligraph something lovely to place inside.

  16. Aw, I love that it's painted on both sides. Just gorgeous.

    Also, what a clever way to draw your lurkers out into the open. Love this blog, and sorry I don't comment more often. <3

  17. This is so beautiful!
    I would love for this to sit on my dresser, and I would keep the love letters my husband and I swapped on our wedding day inside it!

  18. It would be perfect for all the little notes given to me by Jane, my eight-year-old daughter. Named, in part, of course, for all the great Janes: Austen, Adams. . . etc., etc.,

  19. I would love to win this and have it hold the poems my husband wrote me when he was courting me. It is beautiful.
    Fritzi Marie

  20. Well, I simply must obtain this delightful box of whatever it shall contain that is dear to my beating heart.

    In other words,
    I want it, damn it!


  21. My first visit,
    Wow 100 coments. Fantastic

    That box is so romantic.
    I like your post's.

    yvonne in maine

  22. I don't know if people world over are able to enter but this is just too precious to not try to win! Please pretty pretty please.

  23. I've recently started reading your blog and I love it! So inspiring!

    The box has such a lovely, delicate feel to it!

  24. I wonder how many beating hearts touched this lovely box? And I wonder what the story is behind the beautifully painted exterior? It reminds of the quote, "Life is the flower for which love is the honey" by Victor Hugo. a great find. this is a lovely treasure to pass on.

  25. Oh my goodness! It's beautiful.

    I often read your blog, but haven't ever been brave enough to leave a comment before…

    Love the little box, and thanks for giving me somewhere nice to visit each day.

    Linda in New Zealand


  26. What I love most about this
    is how
    a great wish and a tiny tiny hope
    makes us leave a comment
    or join the lottery
    or wish upon a star…
    and it makes the heart blink like a red red lamp for a second.

    Because it´s not very likely is it
    that a magic box pops up in your hands
    but maybe
    And just that
    is what makes it all so lovely.

  27. i think my heart skipped a beat when i saw this
    and then two when i heard this was a give away
    well read
    i'd love to hide away secret beautiful inscribed love notes in this box
    i hope whoever wins loves dearly this magical treasure

    have a lovely day

  28. oh my gosh, amazing!
    I am so obsessed with everything French. Of course this was found in Paris..of course.

  29. It's awful that my first comment here is on this entry but I am a new reader! I love the images in your blog.

  30. Tina,
    I don't know how you could even bare to part with it.Tell me you have another……it's just adorable and tres Francaise.

  31. Ah, I went to Paris with my daughters, we packed so light we did not buy many treasures when we were there. This box would be perfect to celebrate the moments we shared there.

  32. I think it would be a perfect little box for dozens of my stud earrings which are always spread all over … any flat space possible.. !

  33. I just adore boxes. I have a small collection myself and they always just amaze me. Same thing with purses. Not exactly sure why, maybe because you can put what you wish in them and it's almost magical and mysterious. I love the colonial looking image! Just like my small town and the historical background.

    Love you blog and always look forward to seeing what you have posted! :) xo