It’s rainy and cold. And I just want to stay in and read. Don DeLillo: “She used the old dented kettle instead of the new one she’d just bought because — she didn’t know why. It was an old frame house that had many rooms and working fireplaces…”

Will be back tomorrow…

(Photo by Pretty Random.)


24 Comments on Today I’m hibernating…

  1. I'm down in NC and am happy to report today ends 5 days of hibernating. Work before and after the weekend was cancelled due to ice. It will be nice to get out.

  2. i know EXACTLY how u feel….i'm determined to stop playing on the internet soon and finish In a bit any way….


  3. New Orleans is freezing too, but we have parades to watch and miles to go before I rest, and miles to go before I rest.

  4. I wish I could hibernate too! or else just have a lazy.

    enjoy yours!

    ps. check your twitter DMs :)

  5. I always hibernate the day after a snowstorm when the streets of NYC are filled with dirty slush and what is left of the snow is spotted yellow.
    I hoped you enjoyed your day.