Happy Friday everyone! This weekend I’m having lunch with my friend Elaine in Beverly Hills and I’m packing for a trip to San Francisco, where I will be taking lots of Polaroids and blogging next week! I’m putting together a list of great flea markets and thrift stores in SF…Any suggestions!?

What are you up to?

Photo above taken with my iPhone on my recent trip to Paris.


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  1. oh that photograph is beautiful
    i'm off to paris in march
    i can barely sit still with the excitement of being there

    have a lovely day

  2. Tina–I hope Tina Tarnoff contacts you…she'd have a great list, I bet. She's so sweet–I ordered some cards last week & she tucked in an extra pack. It was quite a lift. xoxoSusan & Giulia

  3. best thrifting in The City will be found at thrift town on mission at 17th, right down the street at mission thrift on mission between 19th and 20th, and then for clothes definitely clothes contact (clothes sold by the pound!) on valencia and 16th. for a decadent treat and latte between thrifting, hit up tartine bakery on 18th and guerrero. have fun!

  4. Beautiful photo! I will await your list..I haven't been thrifting in SF in years! Heading up the coast in the early am to visit family in Santa Cruz..:) Happy weekend!

  5. LOVE San Fran, very jealous, have a fun trip! I'll be hanging out with my valentine, my younger sister :)

  6. I'm amazed at how clear the picture is, and it was taken with your iphone! I'm even more impressed.

    What I'm not doing: spending time with someone. Because I don't have someone.

  7. I'm going to Milton Keynes for my best friends birthday we're going clubbing but I'm coming home tomorrow night (its like 30 miles) so I'll miss some of the fun.

  8. You'll be in my neck of the woods! Maybe it will stop raining this weekend for you.

    For flea markets, check out the Alemany Flea Market in Bernal Heights.

    For thrifting, someone already mentioned Thrift Town and Mission Thrift — those are both great places.

    Enjoy your time in the city. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and just gorgeous. If you have a chance, get coffee at Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley (Linden at Gough) — THE best coffee. Ever.

  9. oh, you have to go to Aria – – in my neigborhood. You would love it! He buys lots of his antiques in France, has an apartment in Paris. I got my 19th century bell jar there and anatomical heart model! :). lots of old perfume bottles, hand written letters, dutch plates, manequins, everything a bit decayed and very charming. the place is a total mess – on purpose – one feels like entering an old attic and discovering things not even the owner new were there! xoxo

  10. Hello, Miss Tina! Long time I know but wanted to wish you a swellegant SFO weekend (LOVE that town!) and, of course, a Happy Valentine's Day! Wishing you well! :)

  11. I hope you're having a lovely weekend so far Tina! I'm doing Valentine's Day baking on this quiet Saturday afternoon :)

  12. What a gorgeous photograph! I'm going to be spending the weekend catching up on blogging and plotting various stock purchases – I'm very excited about both prospects, actually! And perhaps tucking into the bottle of pink champagne I might have guiltily bought this evening…

  13. vintage and designer resale clothes at wasteland in the haight…always find something cute there! Also, I believe you have a young daughter? She might love Loyal Army clothing also on Haight..they design and make the cutest (very funny) t-shirts. I'm not even much of a t-shirt gal and I always pick something up there…

  14. Hit up Crossroads on Market, or even better, Crossroads on Fillmore or on Haight. Go to Jeremys for cheap designer treats and it's near a lovely little park on south beach. The haight has other thrift/recycled shops. My friends and I were in Dolores park yesterday, that's beautiful! Or Alamo square. Lovely weather out there! Enjoy.