Feb 25, 2010

by English Muse

City Lights in SF is not only a great bookstore, it has an interesting selection of zines.

Here are a few found on the shelves…

This one was hand done on a letterpress:

It’s by someone named Artnoose in Pittsburgh who has an issue with their “inner Nietzsche.”
“My Inner Nietzsche berates me and says that those with power are the ones with the will to power,” says Artnoose. “I hate my Inner Netzsche; I think it’s a jerk.”
(You can also find Ker-bloom! on Etsy.)

There’s the Cement Press, printed on a copy machine:


And then there’s Comicosmos, a “non-fiction zine reviewing ideas, topics & books”:

This issue includes several Shaker recipes: baked sea scallops with cider sour cream sauce; a chilled blueberry-lavender buttermilk soup; and an apple-custard tart with rosewater meringue.

It would be so much fun to do a zine…. I would love to have a letterpress in the garage. Or maybe just a Xerox machine. I picked up a copy of Nylon magazine at the market this evening and noticed that they have a story on fashion zines. In short, print lives!

So here’s my question: Do you read zines? Which ones?


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5 Responses to “Zine Scene”

  1. pearl. says:

    ooh i love the look of the first one! i love zines however i don't have any myself. For chirstmas i bought my best friend lots of different zines and bundled them together as a present. So i was able to have a look through those. My favorite (can't remember its name, Southside maybe?) was by Pocket Carnivale. They are wonderful aren't they?
    Pearl xo

  2. Tonia says:

    I Love zines, but they can be hard to track down where I live: keep thinking maybe I should start one, but then maybe I already have enough to do…

  3. Michelle says:

    how interesting. I have never seen anything like them.

  4. Santafire says:

    I wish i can read all these zines. They look so interesting^^ Especially KerBloom an Comicosmos.

  5. FatScribe says:

    i love those with the classic fonts and design and the crazy hand-lettered zines as well. Tina, are you ever sitting still? keep up the great work, girl! -Jg.

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