I have this large Chinese chest that serves as the catch-all for a variety of trinkets, knickknacks and curious junk. Every six months or so I open it to add new things or take things out. (It’s very similar to opening the ornament box at Xmas.) After this move, I was searching for colorful things to display on my bookcase. The Chinese hat with the pink pompoms is once again my favorite. This is how it looks now:

Do you have a box like this?


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  1. I absolutely have a box like this!! I have those photo boxes from the craft stores with like designs on them! I keep all my lil trinkets in there too!! =)

    Cute chinese hat!!

  2. Yes! I have little trinkets and things that have meaning to me. I am just a sentimental person. I think when I am old and lose my marbles I will turn into a crazy hoarder.

  3. I have so many different boxes for trinkets and special items (i.e. change and keys and fun stuff like that). I think that old cigar boxes work wonders and are totally chic too.

    Great post!


  4. Well, um, I must confess I have more than a "box" like that at my house. There are trinkets stored and stashed here and there and everywhere. Quirks I can't leave out all the time, but that add a touch of the personal & unexpected as needed. I love what you did with the little hat! Literally the crowning touch.

  5. i do not have a box like this… i have a room like this! i have a vintage home store and so i use this room as the transition room… things go in, things come out… and then go into the store…

    so happy to have discovered your blog… only question is … what took me so long?????

  6. Yeah I have a box similar to this, but I only keep very senitmental, family/friend related trinkets in it. I think we all have a place where we keep our little treasures :)

  7. i wish! pretty smart idea!

    i have too many junk drawers. they are relatively organized, but i could make them better!

  8. How sweet does the hat look? You seem to have an affinity for Asian style no? I do have a box like this, however it's a shoe box with no lid, not very beautiful! So I hide it in my top drawer. I wish I had something large and vintage like a chest that I could put on display

  9. Lovely idea,I'm going to look out for a big trunk instead of shoving everything in the garage.