…until the books are on the shelves:

Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 8.46.34 AM
Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 8.46.08 AM
This is my favorite part of unpacking: arranging the shelves. I always start out with the intent to keep things minimal, even monotoned. But I am a magpie at heart. So there’s more color to come!

PS: A few of you asked about the screensaver on my computer in my last post. It’s a Japanese noren called “The Great Wave,” by Hokusai. It came with my Mac, but I’ve now uploaded it onto flickr, if you want to use it as a screensaver too. Just click the picture below:

Screen shot 2010-03-20 at 10.45.22 PM

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday…


37 Comments on It isn’t really home…

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! So glad you're at the book arranging stage of settling into your new home!

  2. Your blog ….. it's amazing and soooo inspiring as usual!


    Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

  3. I love unpacking books! Whenever I'm in a strange mood I will rearrange them differently, too. I usually stick to alphabetical order by last name of the author, but right now they're in a different order because I didn't want to do my homework last week! xo

  4. Yes, indeed. I'm cleaning stuff out & sending a batch of books to my mother who will enjoy them a lot. Then I can pick up the books on the floor (for more years than I care to state publicly), & pop'em onto the shelves. So glad you're doing well.


  5. What is it about books? Just seeing a shelf of neatly arranged, colourful books makes me inordinately happy :)

  6. I am so happy and touched that my book is on your shelves ….and with such wonderful company. Glad the move has gone well and the boxes are unpacked, xv.

  7. vicki…i love your book!! (i loved it even before i found your beautiful blog)…i went on a frenzy trying to find the umbrella on the cover. finally found one like it in notting hill!

  8. Oh books…I really need to make a trip to Borders or Barnes & Noble to pick up some new ones!

  9. I agree, books do make a home.

    I guess that's why my favorite room in my fathers house is the library. I could sit there for days without getting bored.

  10. On that top image what is the stripey book two to the left of Shanghai Girls – it looks very cool! Yeah okay judging by covers but I would read the blurb if I could now that my attention has been attracted lol.

    I feel the same about it not being a home until my books are on the shelves – my OH just gets irritated he's all for minimalism!

  11. I completely agree with you!
    I'm also a fan of your book selection as well. Is that Julie and Julia I spy?
    Lovely blog!

  12. I love the arranging part as well. However the hubs and I differ on how. I'm very bohemian, sort of I'll know what I like when I like it and don't ask me to explain it. He is very much a minimalist and is never quite sure if he likes something. Makes me nuts :s

  13. I have heard him someone describe themselves as a magpie – I like that. I also like that we have the same taste in screensavers – I've always liked this one. Congrats on the move.

  14. From one magpie to another…I understand. And I love your rainbow of color! It's a happy look.

  15. I actually can't sleep in a new home until my books are organized. Is that weird? It's gotten worse over the years as I've collected more books. Luckily, since my most recent move was cross-country, I was forced to leave some books behind at my parents' house — I got to bed much quicker this time.

  16. Oh I agree. I am experimenting with less though. My goal is to build a little home on wheels. So looks like I will have to do with less, which I hope will be freeing!

  17. Ah books just really make it feel like I home. I totally agree! Bookcases are the most comforting thing for me in the house.

  18. i couldn't agree more!
    i must admit i can get a bit obsessive with my books, i put them all in alphabetical order….
    Pearl xo

  19. Lovely! All the color is great. I know how you feel; I must have my books around me as soon as possible after a move.

  20. Totally agree! Like the ornament as a book end – looks great. I've got quite a few of the same books. Would love to read a post from you on your favourite books by the way

  21. I like all the colour on your bookshelves Tina! And some of the titles of your books too, yes please! Where'd you get your geisha statue? She's amazing

  22. I love having a peek at the bookshelves of others! Happy Times-Lee Radziwill, I've wanted to read that for quite awhile, now I'm motivated to go get it!

  23. So true darling!
    The wave image reminded me of Kansai Yamamoto back in the 80s~
    Fab week, hope you have time to relax this week after all the packing & unpacking…

  24. oh my goodness, I just read Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. Amazing and heartwrenching! Loved it!