Sorry I’ve been absent…I’m still packing like mad! Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to come up for air.

Re: My grand book giveaway.
Thank for your emails! I’ve shipped 80 packages. Sending more this week!


PS: Don’t forget to enter to win the art table! Will announce the winner later tonight!


13 Comments on Still at it…

  1. Wish I handled all our moves with the grace you are!!! So hard to do, sending you lots of positive energy :)

  2. Joanna beat me to it: 80 pkgs! Wow. Eighty good homes for your stuff. Excellent. I hope you have some time to rest after this is over. Yikes. We're thinking of you here….xoxo

  3. good luck with all the packing and moving lovely. I'm almost all finished with mine, but now to organise all the other bits and pieces. ahhh hopefully I can rest soon!

  4. Just had to comment on the photo. That car looks wayyyy too much like my trusty ('71) Toyota did when I moved 3 states away any years ago. Not a method recommended for any but the young and/or insane. Hope your move is less stressful!

  5. I received my package yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you so much!! Inside, among many other interesting things I'm looking forward to reading, was a copy of Wuthering Heights. How did you know that I've been meaning to read that book for ages now??? =) Thank you so much, darling!!

  6. That photo is awesome! And I can't wait for my books/mags. I feel like it'll add some much needed color to my still unfinished bookshelves. Hope you are hanging in there with the packing…such a fun task, I know.