Hello all, Liss here…. I’ve been spending my morning checking emails and looking through the archives on this blog I came across, Forever is Today – written by Hilda Grahnat, a graphic design student from Sweden.

Hilda posts pictures of her flea market finds as well as interior shots from her lovely home.

Plus I really love the name of her blog! I remember having this realisation after turning 25 about how life is now and how I spent to much time thinking about what I want to do “one day”. That was a big year of change for me.

Any blogs you’ve come across lately that you’ve been really enjoying?


18 Comments on Forever is Today

  1. ahh that vintage canon! how can you not swoon? I need to get myself one of those :)
    XX fallon

  2. wow, really beautiful!
    yes, I come across so many amazing blogs, so i am planning to do a post about great blog finds soon!


  3. I've been making that same traumatic realisation myself lately! What a funky little house she has. I love those lights behind the couch and the cameras lined up on the windowsill. There's a lot of restraint there. Me, I just have to put everything out! I could learn a lesson in restraint from this house!