Hello dear friends, I wanted to share this picture with you! It made me laugh. Here are our cats looking out the bedroom window, like Laurel and Hardy. I would have loved to have seen them from the other side, with their funny cat faces. Even during adversity, life serves up some serendipitous joy!

I’m off to spend the day with my father. Thank you for your well wishes. If it’s ok, I’ll stop in here once and again with a post while Liss has the reins over the next few weeks. We’re also lining up an amazing array of guest bloggers, including Michael Heilemann, the famed creator of WordPress’ legendary Kubrick theme!

I hope you enjoy the posts in the coming weeks! Tina


27 Comments on Something funny…

  1. So funny–I JUST took an identical photo of my all-black cat this morning, doing the same exact thing. Only, she didn't have a twin to accompany her! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awe! How cute is that! I think your cats should become friends with my Dimitri; he's black, too! Hehe.

  3. pets are so funny (and happy) … i have three chicken who i find hilarious. I am not sure how chickens can be hilarious, but the seem to manage :)

  4. Just stumbled across your blog – love this picture! I really miss having a cat around the house (all of my loved ones seem to be allergic, alas).

  5. So cute! My dog stares out the window watching for birds. Makes me smile. Thank you for sharing. :]

  6. Enjoy your time with your father, Tina! This photo is so cute…looks like a two-headed cat almost!!

  7. OK? But of course. Hope you're able to take the break you need. And in the mean time, I know we're in very capable hands with Liss. :)


  8. They look so cute! At first glance I thought it might be a two-headed cat but that's just my tired brain playing tricks! ;o) xx

  9. this is so bazaar! We have two black cats: one short hair, one long hair! this looks just like them! so cute.

  10. Hey my dear friend.
    I hope you're fine and your father is doing better. I think a lot these days about you. Don't know why you don't answer my e-mails/messages. Anyway; I wish you the best!

    lots of love