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My Dad

Mom and Dad

Dear Friends, as kind Liss informed you, my beloved father passed away last week after a long illness. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated not only the inimitable Daydream Lily and all the other bloggers who stepped in to keep this site going, but also all the expressions of affection and support you have left here. I feel so fortunate to be part of this wonderful community.

Before I resume regular posting next week, I want to share with all of you a few thoughts on my remarkable Dad. He was born in rolling hill country along the Kentucky-Ohio border, where his surviving sisters live still. For 35 years he worked for General Electric as an aerospace engineer. He held several important patents for his inventions, and if you’ve recently flown on a Boeing airliner, chances are he’d devised the engine seals that kept you airborne. He loved his family and New Mexico, where I grew up, but his private passions were painting and sculpture. My home is filled with his art and every time I look at one of his paintings or sort through his watercolor portfolios, I’m reminded of how his character combined, in equal parts, an engineer’s precision and a gifted artist’s sensitivity and intuitive insight.
I will miss that very much.

One of the benfits of being formally jobless during his last illness was that I enjoyed the unexpected blessing of being able to spend a great deal of time with my dad. He’d always loved our moments together and looking back at how much we both enjoyed just going out for coffee and talking,
I so wish we’d done it more.

The hours we spent together during his final year and, particularly, during this past month are something I’ll treasure for as long as I live. I had that rare privilege of hearing my father assure me of his unconditional love and of his great pride in the woman I’d become. I vividly recall how my heart soared when he called my daughter Isabella, his only grandchild, “your marvelous girl.” It was his last gift to me–and one of the most precious among so many.

After he died, I asked my mother for his paint brushes and I’ve arranged them in vases about the house, each one a flower of memory, a reminder of the gentle but skilled hand that once held it. In one of our last conversations, my father said to me, “You’ve always been my shining star.”
I know now that, if I glitter, it is with the light he gave me.

White Cells & Blast Cells


Hello my dears, it’s Tina here. I wanted to check in and give you an update on my dad, who is fighting leukemia in the hospital at the moment. For the past week, we’ve been keeping vigil at his bedside, watching helplessly as his body wages a war against a growing army of white blood cells. A week ago, his white cell count was 23,000 — twice the normal rate. Today it topped 140,000, mixed with “blast” cancer cells. His hands and arms are covered with bruises. He stopped eating days ago, despite my mom’s delivery of home-cooked food.

Yesterday, the hematologist gently asked him to open his eyes.
“Mr. Daunt, can you tell me what I look like?”
My father lifted his head, opened his blue eyes and answered: “You’re a handsome man.”

This horrible disease will inevitably rob him of his life but it has not yet stolen his sense of humor. And because of this I have hope…

Photo above by Dicky Jiang

Important PS: I am so grateful to the Liss, LenoreNeverMore and the other guest bloggers who have kept English Muse going. And thank you for reading. Love you. T.

ten days of perfect tunes

Hi Everyone, I’m Flaurette from Floddertjeblog. First of all, I’d like to thank Tina for giving me the opportunity to write on her amazing blog. English Muse was one of the first blogs I regularly followed when I started blogging about a year ago, so I’m very happy to be doing my first ever guest post here!

Well, I suppose I have to introduce myself before anything else! I’m a french art student who runs an inspiration blog called Floddertjeblog. If there are any dutch readers, they might recognize the name! Floddertje is a character created by dutch illustrator M. G. Schmidt, my family used to call me this when I was little. Oh, yes, I’m dutch too! Back to what I was saying: I post everything that inspires me, photography, illustration, fashion, music, design, home interiors…(a king of great and perfect melting-pot!). Come visit me!

For this post, I thought I’d share with you two of my recent favourites.
Let me introduce you to Sophie Richards’s photography. Be sure to have a look at her blog, she always shares such beautiful delicate pictures!

And last but not least, my favorite doodle by The Notebook doodles who doesn’t need any introduction I guess!

So this is it! Thanks again to Tina! I hope she’s going well and that she’ll be back very soon!

Weekend turns to Monday don’t you know…

Helloo English Muse readers! yup~its’ me, LenoreNeverMore* once again…from the other side of the Blog!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I thought I should just share some of my weekend photos today. I live not too far from the beach, about 20 minutes short-slow drive. It’s always so nice to smell or taste the salty air…you know weekend has its own scent right?! (sniff-sniff I should bottle it!) Anyway, It’s Monday here & I can’t wait for my weekend to arrive again! Am I bad or am I bad?! Confession; Monday has never been a friend…Weekend is!!
PS: Please send our thoughts & prayers to our Tina and her family. She is still spending her time with her dear father in the hospital. ~Peace be with you darling Tina!

Weekend* is finally here! ~yesssss…

Answer to the ‘Guessing Game’ :
The always lovely Brigitte Bardot*
( congrats to those who guessed it right! …you Clever you ! )
Isn’t this FUN* ?!
Tina & I would do the above routine one day.
But first thing first…we must find the perfect tartan skirts to match!
Who wants to join…
” Have a wonderful weekend everyone! “
much love, LenoreNeverMore*

a.k.a guest blogger

-Credits: Bardot via & GIF by L i l l i C a r r é found via Down&OutChic

Friday Inspiration

Hey lovely readers of English Muse, Liss aka Daydream Lily here and I thought Id pop in to share some Friday inspiration or things to get you through your Friday.

Happy Friday!!

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