Beautiful film photography from Abby Try Again.
x Liss

PS. I miss Tina, I hope shes doing ok.


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  1. oh my, i want to live in the first photo! 😉 and mmmmm, macarons.

    i hope tina and her family are doing okay, too. i'm sending them love and positive energy.

  2. Miss her too.
    Hope she's doing well as well.

    But yes, I do have to say love guest posts like this one too. :) Just beautiful!

  3. wonderful wonderful wonderful. i want to have my kitchen decorated as in first photo… love it

  4. such beautiful photos, i love the color and slightly blurry quality! this is going in my top 10 things i love this week;) xoxo

  5. hello loves,
    i'm ok! finally coming up for air. dad is a little better…and we're finally through a very difficult escrow on the sale of our house! hope to be back blogging midweek, next week….xoxo

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my work in this post :)
    And Tina-wishing you well, my dear.