Vera Canvas Prints Set
I’d like to share this CHARMing floral art works by Vera Neumann [1907-1993]
Originally created as silk scarves from the 60s, have now been reproduced
on canvas [available for purchase~HERE ]

Vera spent decades creating delightful bright designs
that radiated so much charms & optimism.
Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly & John Lennon were among her fans!
Well…so am I, ehem*~ I have a few of her pieces now! (show-off !)
Anyway, those of us who frequent the flea market scenes,
should be on the look out for her silk designs I think.
Simply adore flea markets… get butterflies in my stomach each time
I reach the crowded flea market car park! ~am I alone here???
Do share your favorite things to get when you visit your favorite flea markets
errr…besides the fresh corn-dogs? ~YUM*

a.k.a guest blogger


10 Comments on I am a FAN*

  1. I feel fortunate to have Vera stuff from my mother (I bought some of it for her originally for gifts)…I grew up with this stuff. And then I saw some designs on the Met Museum shop site. You have no idea how weird that is for those of us for whom this was 'every day' linen, scarves.

    At moment I'm in a purge mode & it's difficult to think of otherwise, though books/vintage magazines/records/ceramics are up there on firsts. I'd never eat a corn dog, fresh or otherwise:) but…chacun à son goût.


  2. Giulia,
    'fortunate' is the right word!
    Thanks for sharing…something about her designs that make me smile* somehow~ Corn dogs= YUM*

  3. These are beautiful! I'll have to scrounge around my grandma's closet to see if she has any Vera!

  4. I love the idea of making her work into prints so everyone can enjoy. But I would definitely love to come across one of scarves. That wouldn't definitely be a major flea market find.

  5. I haven't heard of her designs before, thanks for the introduction.

    hmm my favourite buys at the flea markets, probably books, china, framed art, buttons and jewellery..and other various knick knacks

  6. I just stop by. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. Otherwise, I would have known this great artist.

  7. a grammatical mistake! I mean "Otherwise, I would not have known this great artist." Right? :) Sorry for making a mess.