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25 Comments on "So sorry Tina…I have to do this to your lovely readers!"

  1. chuck in the day job and open my own physical shop, rather than just an online one. I know where, and what I'd stock, so I'm prepared!

  2. i'd pitch "Brankton" to Paramount as a one-hour "dramady" and "Crookshank" to Nike/Wieden+Kennedy ! (of course, both can be found over at FatScribe)

    great job filling-in for Tina, btw!

  3. I would take more photographs, write more, work in a gallery I really enjoy working with, and maybe move to Paris.

  4. Let me be allowed to talk freely without judging myself. And laugh, laugh a lot. JUST BE WILD!!!

  5. I only get one choice? The nerve, the nerve. I'll be back when I winnow it down. (I don't respond well to threats but if you had to do it, you can live with the consequences:)


  6. oh guys…let's just do it!
    Sometimes 'procrastination' (whatever that is) can be our foe don't you think?!

    ~Thank you everyone!
    Tina & i always so delighted to hear from all of you! ~SWEET!

  7. limit my enjoyment of my favorite inspirational blogs each day, so I can finish my book, which i also love!
    thanks for asking this question.

  8. I'd get a green card, move to NYC and start my own gallery in SoHo or the Village. Oh, how I miss NYC :'(

  9. i'd be a writer like hemingway and have a big fabulous salon for all of my friends to come and visit me in.

  10. lose weight and become a professional photographer. and audition for spot in the local theatre