Answer to the ‘Guessing Game’ :
The always lovely Brigitte Bardot*
( congrats to those who guessed it right! …you Clever you ! )
Isn’t this FUN* ?!
Tina & I would do the above routine one day.
But first thing first…we must find the perfect tartan skirts to match!
Who wants to join…
” Have a wonderful weekend everyone! “
much love, LenoreNeverMore*

a.k.a guest blogger

-Credits: Bardot via & GIF by L i l l i C a r r é found via Down&OutChic


10 Comments on Weekend* is finally here! ~yesssss…

  1. hope you have a wonderful weekend too. i am loving the inspirational photos here today! :)

  2. Tina, we can have a trio now!
    Thanks Global Atelier, you are a good sport!