Everywhere you turn these days in and around Los Angeles, there are Jacaranda trees covered with purple-blue flowers…


The plumes, balanced on poetically gnarled trunks, look like blue clouds in the late afternoon light….


Lovely blooms — always as many on the tress as on the ground — mark the city’s colorful transition from spring to summer…


In honor of the Summer Solstice this week, I took these pictures of the two old Jacaranda trees shading the lawn in front of our flat.

Hope you’re having a lovely week so far.

My friend Elaine is returning to LA from Paris tomorrow. I’m picking her up from LAX in the afternoon. Can’t wait!

UPDATE: My orange shoes are on sale here!


26 Comments on Blue Clouds

  1. beautiful flowers… but what fun shoes!! great contrast in color… you totally did that on purpose hehe :)

  2. beautiful flowers dear. love the contrast in the last picture between your flats and the petals :)

  3. I love Jacaranda trees! They remind me of Christmas time and summer holidays as a kid.

  4. Oh, I love your shoes – what a great color they are!! The trees are beautiful…nothing like them here in the Northeast.

  5. Beautiful trees and colours! The roses in my garden have created a similar effect but gorgeous pinks scattered around!

  6. yes the colours of jacaranda trees are so beautiful. thanks god for nature.
    have a great time with your friend!

  7. I miss Jacarandas so much….they remind me of Christmas time in Australia….Thank you for the lovely shots, xv.

  8. these are wonderful
    what did you take them with? iPhone? if iPhone, what did you edit with?
    your iPhone photography makes me drool

  9. Oh I love jacarandas …. I live in Brisbane, Australia and jacarandahs blooming always signals exam time for uni students here, I'll never forget those days!

  10. I get to see tons of these trees on my way to and from work lately! Cresent Heights in particular has a bunch! so pretty!

  11. oh, thank you!! i took them with my iphone, edited on flickr…
    the orange shoes are by apepazza :)

  12. Ah, I've been seeing those trees around, and wondered what they were called… beautiful!

  13. i love all your pictures!
    they capture the colors so perfectly!
    at home, my street is lined on both sides with jacarandas, and, as you say, they cover both the sky and the ground, making one feel that one is positively swimming in an ocean of purple flowers.
    hope all goes well with your friend!

  14. Hey!! ya know..even in Bangalore, the place I live in..the roads are lined up with beautiful trees with flowers..
    Its so amazing to take a morning jog…its so lovely with flowers and the mist.
    reminded me of such a fresh moment.

    Good work..will keep coming back for more

  15. Oh, you've made me all nostalgic again! Growing up in my beautiful leafy suburb, the streets would be a carpet of velvety purple every year as the jacaranda trees that lined the pavements would shed their blooms. I remember the smell and the bees that would be buzzing about (i'd never learn and would always run about with bare feet – my mother always had to have bee sting remedy on hand).

    What a beautiful sight to have from your flat!

    Miss B xx