Hello everyone, the new Anthropologie catalogue arrived
in my mailbox today….
Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 5.35.38 PM
I love these colorful linens and black chalkboard walls
(especially the drawn chandelier)…
Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 5.36.43 PM
And these wild wingchairs…
Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 5.53.20 PM
So now I’m daydreaming again about reupholstering my chairs


13 Comments on Color and Dust

  1. Ah Anthro…
    Good thing I don't make a lot of money because that's where it would all be going! 😀

  2. i got it yesterday and can't stop looking at it! so many beautiful things, as always…

  3. I love their style SO MUCH! I so so want my horrible old yukky ugly chair (sorry chair, you shouldn't be listening!) to be covered in a glorious fabric such as this! x

  4. This is amazing. LOVE the chalkboard wall and bright bedding. I'm on their mailing list. Where's MY catalog? Going through withdrawals. :)

  5. haven't seen chalkboard walls quite like this! not thrilled with the idea of all the dust for my cats but otherwise, pretty compelling!

    loved your chanel post – i'm with you re: chanel. what's NOT to love. lagerfeld is a total genius.

    happy summer!

  6. oh… loving the colorful beds against the black chalk walls!! and the drawings are too cute.