Jun 26, 2010

by English Muse

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

(Photo of Lola, our Pom puppy)


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16 Responses to “Friday”

  1. The Drifter and the Gypsy says:

    aw, how cute! you too 🙂

  2. Len♥reNeverM♥re says:

    Looks like Lola is wearing YSL tux!
    enjoy your weekend Tina & the gang~

  3. Maggie May says:

    anyone named Lola is wonderful in my book 🙂

  4. Penney says:

    Why can't I get a photo of myself this great? So sweet!..
    Have the best evr weekend!
    xo, P

  5. starcakeastrology.blogspot.com says:

    sooooo cute OMG

  6. pve design says:

    what a face!!!! soooo sweet!!

  7. kimberj says:

    so you suppose Lola and Livia would be buds??? Maybe paw pals =)

  8. Geisslein says:

    omg – what a face! I have fallen in love now! have a lovely weekend too!

  9. Giulia says:

    Just look at that face. That fabulous Funny Face:)

    Hi Tina..


  10. Carrie Miller says:

    So cute!! Love her 😀

  11. walrus studio says:

    a little puff of cuteness!!

  12. Dumbwit Tellher says:

    Lola has the sweetest face ♥

    Hope your having a lazy summers weekend? ~ deb

  13. Melissa Blake says:

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  14. Sorcerer says:

    THat was good good one!!

  15. brandy.lee says:

    absolutely adorable!

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