Hello my dears, my mom on Friday gave me a box of my dad’s old records, a mix of classical music, big band and jazz. We spent the holiday weekend listening to them, drinking wine and reminiscing. The music reminded me again of how capacious my dad’s mind was. There were so many aspects of beauty he enjoyed — music, art, literature. Some of the best conversations I had with him concerned all three. It gave me a deep appreciation of the different cultures of the world, especially those of Europe. Before I even set foot in Italy or Austria or France,
I was already in love.

Listening this weekend to Strauss’ waltz, Vienna Woods, and Respighi’s Fountains of Rome, I was taken back to my New Mexico childhood, when I first realized how big and beautiful the world really was. Music carries us places that words can’t quite describe. It also evokes deep memories. I remember my father playing these records over and over on his old stereo.

As they pop and crackle now on my Crosley turntable, I’ve learned something about my father: With his overtures and waltzes, he had a flair for the dramatic and the romantic. There were no requiems in his collection, just grand happiness. Thinking of that now makes me happy.

I hope you’re having a lovely week. I’m excited to get back to posting here more often!


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  1. What a lovely post. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. After reading about him, he sounds like an incredible man. I love how you've displayed his paint brushes in various vases. So sweet. Take care.

  2. Ah, your father & I would've gotten along beautifully. Glad to hear you're listening to music & hanging with your mum.

    Cheers, ciao-meow from GG, & xoxo


  3. It has always perplexed and amazed me just how dramatically smells and sounds evoke memories, always more strongly than imagery for me.

  4. Is that a Giselle record I see on top? That is my FAVORITE ballet. Thank you for this post. I imagine that was a wonderfully fulfilling weekend for you and your family. Your father sounded like an amazing gentleman.

  5. this is so wonderful… i have such a love and appreciation for records and there is nothing like the crackling of a record player. :) your dad had fantastic taste in music, and his spirit lives on through those records, every single time you listen. that's beautiful. <3

  6. How lovely that your mom knows just what to share to allow you to soak up all the best bits of your dad. They both sound like such wonderful parents. You're so lucky to have been raised by them.

  7. How sweet – it's great that you can think of him and smile. It's great that you're back too!

  8. So sorry about your father. Music often reminds me of my father as well…and memories of dancing on his feet as a little girl. It sounds like you have many wonderful memories with your father. Wishing you well and welcome back.

  9. Welcome back Tina. It is such a lovely thing to gain something like this from a loved one. My mother also inherited all of her mothers records when she passed away. It was a great walk down memory lane for her, and a new journey for me.

  10. I'm so happy you have these records to play and remind you of your father. He sounds like such a wonderful and intelligent man. Whenever I hear a Frank Sinatra song, I am always taken back to my childhood and my grandfather whistling.