I’ve been listening to selections from my father’s record collection and can’t stop playing one of his favorites, Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind.” Aside from the fact that it is a small masterpiece of classic American songbook phrasing — and no one could do that quite like Sinatra — it’s a wonderful memory of my father. It also reminds me of one of the lovely things that makes life in Los Angeles so comfortable: Even on the hottest days of summer, there are morning mists and afternoon breezes that come in from the Pacific.

Our summer winds are always cooling ones here. (In winter, of course, we get the dry wind off the desert which is named for the devil, but that’s another story.)

It’s the cooling wind that once made this place the citrus capitol of the world and filled our valleys with orange and lemon trees. I live in one of LA’s hottest valleys, and on this morning I can smell citrus and jasmine blossoms in the cool breeze. Bliss.

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting in front of an open window,
with Sinatra on a record player.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

PS: Photo above from Toast.


13 Comments on The Summer Wind

  1. I can hear it now.

    The summer wind came blowing in from across the sea.

    Dads, eh?

  2. You are right, Sinatra's phrasing is incredible. Him and Nat King Cole. It is so nice that you are enjoying your dad's selection of music.

  3. I love your writing, Tina. You have such a calming way about you, reminds me of Hemingway.


  4. yes, i am loving those breezes myself this week. dee-lish…… the hollywood pr machines will not tell you about them and that's ok with me!

  5. Oh yes…I loved that when I was a little girl. Still do though it's not in my possession on vinyl. Have fun…

  6. Your dad was so cool Tina!
    This post makes me want to fly to Palm Springs somehow~


  7. i live in southern california and i LOVE the breezes we get… mmmm. mixed with beautiful tunes from the record player and open windows… perfection!

  8. Isn't music amazing?

    Sinatra is the best.

    You strong, eloquent person.

    Enjoy the tangled, misty glory of summer!


  9. i love that song! your description of LA on a summer morning makes me want to pick up and move there now :)