There’s a story in today’s New York Times’ science section that touts the creative benefits of daydreaming…

“At long last, the doodling daydreamer is getting some respect,”
writes John Tierney in the NYT.

Researchers have found that daydreaming is “remarkably common — and often quite useful. A wandering mind can protect you from immediate perils and keep you on course toward long-term goals. Sometimes daydreaming is counterproductive, but sometimes it fosters creativity and helps you solve problems.”

Psychologists also found that people’s minds seem to wander 30 percent of the time during waking hours.

As I was writing this post my mind was wandering too, wondering what new photos were up on Daydream Lily, a blog that turns the concept of daydreaming into a beautiful virtual reality.

Dare I ask: How much do you daydream and usually what about?

(Photos above by l(a jane)


17 Comments on The Virtues of Daydreaming

  1. Visual delights Tina!
    I used to daydream when I was much younger, too bad for the the daily busy schedules or work commitments these days…I miss it very much~
    Let me ponder on this more today~
    if time permits…


  2. I love this post. More than you know.
    I daydream too much.
    It makes me happy to think that it has a purpose.
    Hope you are doing well dear.
    And finding the time for lots of daydreaming.

  3. I daydream lots and lots. Probably too much. Its a great way to avoid doing tedious chores. And now I found out my mind has been legitimately engaged after all :)

  4. I daydream a lot. Usually about plans and artistic ideas. Paintings I want to do, stories I want to write. I also dream of designing my own fashion line and the items I would make. But first I need to freshen up my sewing skills! What do you daydream about?

  5. Oh I just love to daydream! Usually about stories, poems, words that run together and sound nice, about plans and ideas, about what it would have been like to live in a different time… a million things. :)

  6. I've been daydreaming a lot lately about my plans for my balcony garden. It relaxes me to think about the sorts of flowers i'd like to plant.

  7. I daydream so much – happy to know that I am benefitting myself doing it!

    I have given you an award, please stop by my site to claim it.

    xo Erin

  8. I daydream like crazy. Usually about traveling, but also about my boyfriend. I know that sounds cheesy, but I live in Sweden and he lives in New York, so I guess I just miss him a lot…

  9. My work would say I daydream far too much! Possibly mid-conversation is taking it too far…

  10. Well that's a nice positive spin on daydreaming. Glad to hear it, as I do it all the time. I usually daydream about travel, our dog that died last year, a new lens for my canon, the list goes on.
    Have a lovely day!

  11. i was a film production major in college, so when i daydream – it's mostly about story/film ideas, creating new characters – what would they wear, where would they live, who would their friends be, etc. it's so much fun. :)

    these photos are stunning, by the way!

  12. I can't believe I missed this article! I read that section! I daydream a lot these days, the pregnancy makes my mind wander all over the place. It's mostly about having a son, raising him, different stages of his life. This morning while walking the dog I thought to myself that when he's a teen I should encourage him to become a lifeguard…it's such a fun thing to do for the summer here! Hahahaha

  13. i feel like i daydream at least half of the time im awake. most of my daydreams usually involve flowers and adventures i want to have in the future.

  14. happy to find this post.
    i've taken today off from work,
    partying, and being everywhere to do just that – daydream.
    enjoying it immensely.

    i daydream often.
    while i read.
    while i drive.
    while i work.

    lately, i daydream about
    boys and love.
    two topics that caused me much pain last year at this time.