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Two Kitchen Tables


“Tabletops are the daily canvases upon which we sketch,” writer/illustrator Leanne Shapton mused recently in her T Magazine blog column, We Three Things. She says: “A glance at someone’s coffee table, kitchen island or even computer desktop offers a revealing self-portrait: bookworm, neat freak, train wreck, mom.”It made me stop and look at my own […]

Color and Dust


Hello everyone, the new Anthropologie catalogue arrived in my mailbox today….I love these colorful linens and black chalkboard walls (especially the drawn chandelier)…And these wild wingchairs…So now I’m daydreaming again about reupholstering my chairs…

The Virtues of Daydreaming


There’s a story in today’s New York Times’ science section that touts the creative benefits of daydreaming…“At long last, the doodling daydreamer is getting some respect,” writes John Tierney in the NYT. Researchers have found that daydreaming is “remarkably common — and often quite useful. A wandering mind can protect you from immediate perils and […]

The Chanel Inspiration Collage


Karl Lagerfeld shot these photos for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 catalogue and then used them to create a fantastic online collage. The photos were taken in ARGENTINA…With racks of frothy dresses…On a checkerboard stage:Tulle and sequins…With touches of green…And black boleros …I so love Chanel…

Blue Clouds


Everywhere you turn these days in and around Los Angeles, there are Jacaranda trees covered with purple-blue flowers… The plumes, balanced on poetically gnarled trunks, look like blue clouds in the late afternoon light…. Lovely blooms — always as many on the tress as on the ground — mark the city’s colorful transition from spring […]

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