So, here’s my latest obsession: UK Penguin’s (Red) Editions….
Picture 8
Picture 7
Picture 16
I love the text snippets on the covers. It makes the classics seem so current and, well, sexy.

You can see the entire set on the UK Penguin website.

It’s for a good cause: a portion of the money raised from the sale of the books goes to help fight AIDS in Africa.


25 Comments on Penguin Classics (Red) Editions

  1. Just want to grab that Vanity Fair off the screen: the entire book summed up in 3 beautifully illustrated little words!

  2. They look so richly decadent and you are right – sexy. I love Penguin, they know what book lovers love.

  3. How incredibly inviting! I am getting on that band waggon:) Gorgeous new covers!

  4. The beauty of the typed word, the glory of classic and (not so classic) fonts, all in all a victory of the conventional book!!!
    A treasure not only to read, but also to look at, to have!!!

  5. Oh, what a fabulous discovery! I love collecting books with witty and tasteful covers. They add that interest factor. :)


  6. really liking all the different fonts theyve used too. very modern and stylish. great find lovely!

  7. These are so fantastic! I love seeing classics get updated covers. They look so fresh and still timeless. (:

  8. Oh, I LOVE these!! The House of Mirth was one of my faves in college! These are so pretty!

  9. But they are sexy….the classics are forever current and eternally sexy…

    the more we change, the more we stay the same…


  10. LOVE! They're just the prettiest things I ever did see. THe Vanity fair cracks me up, but I think the Dostoyevsky is m'fave.