One of the hardest things about moving out of our house into our new flat was giving up our garden, complete with picket fence and roses. But, as my sister-in-law advised me at the time, roses also grow in pots. So I’m excited get started on designing my terrace garden. I’ve been turning to several NYC sources for ideas.

I picked up a copy of Rebecca Cole’s book, Paradise Found: Gardening In Unlikely Places. It’s become my favorite gardening tome. She specializes in designing rooftop plots. I love these photos of some of her designs on her website:

I also found a blog, called Garden Bytes, with lots of practical information. Ellen Spector Platt’s photo (below) of the rose New Dawn growing on a nearby terrace prompted me to give the rosebush a try on our railing.

More pictures to come!


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  1. Gorgeous ideas… I will really need to get on the planting waggon… I try a little and love it and forget it. But not my tomato plants:)

  2. You can do it! I know you can make your terrace fabulous. A friend of mine had a very small balcony, yet she put two white canvas market umbrellas and a couple of pieces of full size patio furniture out there. She had a small fountain placed in front of an old mirror with a patina and lots of plants without feeling jungle-y. She also had a large hanging lantern, string lights in the umbrellas, and a variety of candle jars: all of it (the lighting) in the same amber color. She was two floors up with a solid terrace front, so at night the neighbors would gaze up at that amber glow, not quite able to see what was up there. They were all dying to see that balcony! It was an absolutely beautiful space even though it was put together with only secondhand finds and was in a 1985 condo complex. Hers was more tropical, and I know you're more about cottages and roses, but I know you can make it happen. And it will be so good for your soul!

  3. hello!

    carey, your friend's place sounds so amazing! it reminds me of something my friend susan would do…she's done something amazing with the terraces of every place she's lived — decorating them all with antique chinese lanterns…they're transformed into private little hideaways…

  4. Tina-

    Sorry if I've missed it- are you still in LA/where is this? It's a pretty balcony space!

  5. Here in So-Cal try some succulents. They are super easy to grow, do well in containers, and are drought and space friendly! I have recently become obsessed with them and they come in such a wide variety of sizes and colors! And they have beautiful blooms, love them all! Just head to your local nursery and they will head you in the right direction. Bon chance!!

  6. Very few things nicer than a terrace filled with tumbling roses: wishing you some green fingers (hopefully greener than mine)!

  7. If you don't already have it, Tina, order the 2010 David Austin Rose catalogue(free). There's a section on container roses…a friend has just done this & it's superb. Do it….


  8. the photo's look great.. and rosa New Dwan is a delight… no thorns and sweet smelling… give her a feed occasionally and a good pot and she will do fine…
    Happy gardening, hugs from a garden freak!