Jul 02, 2010

by English Muse

I’ve got the Airplanes song by B.o.B. (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore) stuck in my head! It’s been popular on the radio stations here since my dad died in May. And, I guess, I could relate to the words because I’ve been making a lot of wishes these days.

The words of the song go like this: “Can we pretend that airplanes
 in the night sky are like shooting stars
? I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)…”

Here’s the official music video:

And, there’s an incredible video by Sam Javanrouh on Vimeo that captures the streaks of the planes — like stars — over Toronto:

I’d wish on stars, candles, airplanes and speeding buses if there were a chance my wish would come true…

I wish I had my dad back.


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19 Responses to “A Wish…”

  1. Sundari says:

    Auw Tina. It's hard. I still wish for mine back after 2 years. I just wish I could really know him. Hope you find strength

  2. Tina says:

    hello Sundari! thank you…

  3. Tonia says:

    This must be the hardest time to be going through – wishing you lots of strength.

  4. Boom Boom says:

    Random Stranger Comment…I've been reading your blog for a bit now and I'm sorry this is the first time I've commented.
    This post twisted my heart and it just didn't seem right not to say anything. I am so sorry for your loss and what you are going through today..well hell..right now. Your dad sounds amazing.

  5. kelly ann says:

    i was listening to this song when i clicked on this post. 🙂 it's my recent favourite, i absolutely love it. i'm a huge hayley williams fan, and i've been listening to this song over and over again lately! so good.

    stay strong, tina, your courage during this time has been inspiring. <3

  6. Shorty says:

    I'm so sorry, my dear. I wish I had just the right words to say to send you some comfort. I know how comforting music can be, or at least a mechanism to help us cope through hard times. Sometimes lyrics can guide us through what we can't put into words; thank goodness for those who can write just what we need to hear.

    Wishing you all the best.

  7. Giulia says:

    I know, darling. xo

  8. kimberj says:

    I wish you did too Tina. I'm so sorry for you. I started a blog for people to comment about their parents (good, bad, missing them). Feel free to use it to tell people how great your dad was. http://www.dearmomdeardad@blogspot.com
    I'm still dealing with issues from my folks passing and I needed somewhere other than arthurndi. Still thinking about Isabella here… how is she handling his loss and your grief?

  9. sylvie @ silver lining says:

    the lyrics to that song perfectly express this period of life. just one more day, i always wish to myself.

    i am hopeful that your brilliant memories of him embrace you and keep you strong…for me, this has made all the difference 🙂

    sylvie of silver lining

  10. Ms. Chyme says:

    How cute is this.

  11. Brittany says:

    i really love this song. it's been in my head a lot recently too. i think the lyrics are quite beautiful. i love the concept of airplanes being like shooting stars. we all need a wish to come true sometimes. i'm very sorry for your loss.

  12. freeteyme says:

    it's a good song… sorry about your dad…

  13. L. Straub says:

    I'm so sorry about your dad. I lost my boyfriend of five years this May as well, and this song helps a lot. I listen to it almost every day!

  14. Leni says:

    i'm sorry for your loss. i hope things get a little better for you.

  15. Louis Duke says:

    awww, Tina. this is beautiful. the death of someone that close is the hardest thing to even imagine. you should think about how much good you did have though, how many wonderful years you had with a man who you loved so and impacted you strongly. think about how beautiful your relationship was. think of the good.

  16. brittany says:

    i've had the airplanes song in my head lately, too 🙂 i'm sorry about your dad… that is unbelievably hard. i can't imagine what you've been through.

  17. Maggie May says:

    I'm sorry for the heaviness of that loss on your heart. So glad you had such love. xo

  18. The Lil Bee says:

    🙁 me too.

  19. ronel1217 says:

    love the song as well..


    be strong..:)

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