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Introducing…The Big Lebowski


…Or Dude for short… Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I suspect Winston Churchill would have been flattered to know that his name is so cat worthy. But I couldn’t resist the Big Lebowski. It’s perfect!! Have a wonderful weekend!! I’m busy working on my new blog template…hope to launch next week!

Penguin Classics (Red) Editions


So, here’s my latest obsession: UK Penguin’s (Red) Editions….I love the text snippets on the covers. It makes the classics seem so current and, well, sexy. You can see the entire set on the UK Penguin website. It’s for a good cause: a portion of the money raised from the sale of the books goes […]

Electronic Books or Hardcovers?

ZnNoYXJlJmc9MSZvPTdjMmY3NGNiNmVjNDRmZTU4NzJhNDA4NTBiNGNkZjE3Jm9mPTA=.gif officials announced this week that the company now sells more e-books in its online marketplace than hardcovers. So I wanted to ask…. Quizzes by

Help Name This Cat…


Hello Everyone,I would like for you to meet the newest member of our family….A very large, sweet cat…He was abandoned by his owner about six months ago and left to wander the streets. When my daughter and I saw him on Friday, he wasn’t looking so good. We put him in the car and took […]

Damn Dan Brown


The literary blogosphere continues to buzz with angst and dismay as thousands — or maybe even millions — of people learned the shocking news this week that they write like …Dan Brown. The growing outrage — sparked by a computerized prose analysis on a obscure website called “I Write Like” — could be the biggest […]

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