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Introducing…The Big Lebowski


…Or Dude for short… Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! I suspect Winston Churchill would have been flattered to know that his name is so cat worthy. But I couldn’t resist the Big Lebowski. It’s perfect!! Have a wonderful weekend!! I’m busy working on my new blog template…hope to launch next week!

Penguin Classics (Red) Editions


So, here’s my latest obsession: UK Penguin’s (Red) Editions….I love the text snippets on the covers. It makes the classics seem so current and, well, sexy. You can see the entire set on the UK Penguin website. It’s for a good cause: a portion of the money raised from the sale of the books goes […]

Electronic Books or Hardcovers?

ZnNoYXJlJmc9MSZvPTdjMmY3NGNiNmVjNDRmZTU4NzJhNDA4NTBiNGNkZjE3Jm9mPTA=.gif officials announced this week that the company now sells more e-books in its online marketplace than hardcovers. So I wanted to ask…. Quizzes by

Damn Dan Brown


The literary blogosphere continues to buzz with angst and dismay as thousands — or maybe even millions — of people learned the shocking news this week that they write like …Dan Brown. The growing outrage — sparked by a computerized prose analysis on a obscure website called “I Write Like” — could be the biggest […]

Postcards and Souvenirs


I’m a predictable flea market shopper. I always end up on a treasure hunt for things I can bring home without much ado… …Like postcards… ….Old matchbooks… …Fifty-year-old bottles of “My Sin” and pink nylon slips… You know, the stuff that’s easy to carry to the car in 105 degree heat. But someday I’m going […]

I write like…Kurt Vonnegut??

Picture 3

My friend Carolyn Kellogg at the LA Times’ fantastic Jacket Copy book blog had the most clever post today. She found a website — called I Write Like — where you can enter a few paragraphs of your prose to find out if you write like Hemingway, Chuck Palahniuk or even Bram Stoker. (There are […]

My Terrace Garden: Progress so far…


Pink azaleas and hydrangeasA white rugosa rose…New Dawn on the railing…More photos to follow!

The future of the English Muse


Hello my dears,I’m working on a revamp of the English Muse and I was wondering if you would be willing to take a little poll about the topics you’re most interested in reading about here. I’m thinking seriously about making the English Muse into a very visually oriented books blog. What do you think? Quizzes […]

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