Harry Potter star Emma Watson (right photo) debuted her “pixie cut” last week, leaving her fans spellbound and Internet style pundits a little, well, breathless. Maybe it’s because her new haircut makes her look so much like 1960s Breathless star Jean Seberg? (Left photo). What do you think?

PS: Sorry my posting has been so spotty. Our French foreign exchange student, Emma, is visiting from Paris this month and we’ve been running around LA like mad tourists. Next week we’re headed to the lake house in the High Sierras!


46 Comments on Is Emma Watson the new Jean Seberg?

  1. Such a brave move! But it did turn out great, and not a a bad hairstyle choice for her busy student/celebrity role as well.

  2. I thought exactly the same thing! She is absolutely Gorgeous with the new pixie cut. Just breath taking.

    xo Erin

  3. Ooh, I hadn't noticed the similarity. That's spectacular! Jean Seberg has been my biggest style influence this year, especially in Breathless. Kudos to Emma for being brave enough to try the cut. :)

  4. Maybe. The new cut looks good on her. I heard she was cutting it to audition for the role of Lisbeth Slander in the girl with the dragon tattoo. It's too bad she can't cast :/

  5. WOW. I hadn't seen this! She looks amazing. I wish I had the courage (and good hair)to pull a really short cut off.

  6. emma is absolutely DARLING and looks adorable – but i still think jean pulls off the short hair just a little bit better. *sigh* she was so fabulous…

    have so much fun with your exchange student!

  7. Doesn't she look stunning! I did a similar thing years ago (when I could get away with it) and it takes some guts – even more so when you're so much in the public eye – I only had to deal with my mum crying!

  8. She is so lovely. I think she could do just about anything with her hair—and wear a potato sack to boot—and still be beautiful.

  9. I think the haircut is great. What a great and positive way to make the "I'm a grown up"statement.

  10. Emma looks so grown up! When ever I see pictures of Jean Seberg my appreciation is tinged with sadness at the way she departed this world. So beautiful and iconic and such a horrid end. Watson wears the cut really well, but let's hope the similarities between Seberg and Watson end with the hair.

  11. I think she looks very Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby actually, in any case she looks absolutely gorgeous.

  12. I used to do this & enjoyed the freak-out factor from others. In fact, Jean Seberg was the comment a professor made once & made everyone shut the hell up (sorry:) for being upset about my hair.

    They're both lovely, however Jean Seberg as you know was terribly troubled. And so I hope that any comparison stays only with the look. (I think someone wrote that above…but I'm catching up from the latest of our electricity outages here in DC-MD & fuming & can't read every comment.)



  13. I am such a huge fan of her. She could go bald and I would still be in madly in love with her. She just always exhumes class in an age when most celebs do anything but.

  14. I've had this same cut before about 6 years ago, Loved it, and it does look great on her!

  15. I actually do not care too much for the pixie haircut on emma watson. It's not that it's ugly, but I've seen her wear better styles :)

    It looks great on Jean Seberg to me though :)

  16. That cut couldn't be more perfect for her. Who'd have thought? I actually think she looks a little like Twiggy…

  17. I was completely shocked when I saw this too! But she looks incredible and if I had the bone structure to wear my hair that short I'd chop it off too!

  18. You never reveal a woman’s age Dale vital rule to know!! If you do you must alwyas reduce the number a lot!!! Like the photos except yours and Claire’s where only half your face is there!

  19. che il gioco sia un must-have non c’ dubbio. ma in sti sceren la grafica sembra essere brutta .nei video pensavo fosse il meglio fin’ora..invece sti sceen mi deludono dai video non sembrava cosi brutta potranno essere anhce questisceren poi che possono essere venuti male..