Hello darlings. Is there anything that gets the mind and imagination working quite like the printed page? The other day I wandered into Prada in Beverly Hills. And while I couldn’t quite afford anything on the racks, they were happy to let me leave with
one of their lovely new (and free!) lookbooks.

Take a look at some of the images:


The hefty-sized lookbook features styling and artwork by OMA (Alexander Reichert & Fausto Fantinuoli) as well as photography from Phil Meech. It has that cool Internet, on-the-street fashion blog vibe, but printed on craft paper. I wish I had all the back issues!

What’s your favorite lookbook?


9 Comments on Prada 2010 Fall/Winter Look Book

  1. Larfing at the frills at the bustline. That definitely would not suit my already top-heavy appearance. But I love the pink sweater and the mini. Me – circa 1982. So comfortable

  2. oh I am in love. I am always looking for wonderful new lookbooks, this one is stunning…of course it is Prada. While I scoff at the prices I have found myself staring at a Prada dress at Barneys for a bit too long :)