Hello everyone! I’m so sorry my posting has been so light. But, I have very good news: I’ve been asked to participate in Unique LA’s H.D. Buttercup boutique and I’m working like mad on my jewelry designs through my little firm, Crown and Badge Salvage Co. I’m so excited to be involved with Unique LA — a group that runs one of Los Angeles’ largest and most prestigious craft and art shows. And it’s doubly sweet because H.D. Buttercup is sort of like the west coast version of ABC Carpet in NYC. I’ve been making jewelry for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve seriously set out to design a line. So this is heaven for me.

If you’re in Los Angeles, there will be a reception for the new boutique from 6 to 8 pm on Friday at H.D. Buttercup.

Meanwhile, will see you back here soon. xoxo


(Illustration, above, from the Keep Calm store on etsy.)


12 Comments on Keep Calm and Craft On

  1. Congrats Tina! I'll be participating in the Unique LA holiday show, and I'm so excited! Looking forward to visiting H.D. Buttercup…

  2. That is good news. I wonder what you're making….hmmm. OK, I'll wait patiently to find out. You will show some here, right? You (or Isabella) modelling your creations? I hope so.


  3. Congratulations! I love your jewelry. I didn't realize that you made jewelry too! It's wonderful! I would love to feature it on my Victorian/Steampunk themed blog (Steam Spectre) if you wouldn't mind? Congrats!

  4. Hi Tina. I didn't know you made jewellery; must have missed that somewhere along the line. What lovely treasures you create and a multi-talented lady you are!!

  5. Would xoxo to there..
    I just can't right now…Packing…again..(oy)
    You're designs are great! Keep up the great work! I love them….
    Wishing you such great success!

  6. Congratulations, that sounds fantastic! Love the poster, it's exactly what I needed right now 😉 Love from London x