Hello my dears. Happy Tuesday. If you have a moment today, check out the Kimmelman, the Times’ brilliant art critic, reviews the Monet show that just opened at the Grand Palais in Paris. He calls the exhibition “ravishing.” The same word could be applied to Kimmelman’s gorgeously written piece, which reminds me of why I can’t live without the NYT on my doorstep daily.

“Poor Claude Monet. Like white noise, he’s everywhere and invisible, the staple of countless dentists’ offices. Old hat for more than a century now. Is it too late to recapture some of the shock and thrill that caused horrified Parisians in the 1870s to perceive his work as ‘leprous’? ” the critic asks. “Amazingly, no, it’s not.”

I really want to see this show!

(Monet’s self portrait, above, via Art Prints on Demand.)


7 Comments on Monet wows Paris once more

  1. Yes, NYTimes on the steps is my last indulgence left. don't know how much longer but…trying.

    It is an excellent article, yes.


  2. I'm heading for Paris in mere days. The Grand Palais is not in my plans but I AM going to Giverny. Weather is to be crisp and sunny.

  3. Heading to Paris the end of November and will definitely take in the Monet show. Thanks for posting.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the article! Monet is my favorite artist. I think he's rather overlooked in all his popularity. People do seem to only see the surface of his work.

  5. I read this piece yesterday too! Quite enjoyed it.. I am one of those who easily overlooks Monet. The website for this show is very well done too, so if you can't make it to Paris, check out the site. It'll make you feel all warm, fuzzy, and dreamy (:

  6. It sounds like a fantastic show, and what a beautiful description
    Monet's work, for me, transcends all time and place in its beauty, it captures you and takes you somewhere you never knew existed