Vanity Fair Magazine hired a handwriting expert
to analyze the actress’ diaries….
Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 7.45.21 PM
The results might surprise you!


5 Comments on More Monroe…

  1. Thanks so much, very interesting post! As I grow older I find Marilyn to be a more appealing figure for me. She was all emotion and I can relate to that. It sucks that most people mistake excessive sensibility with stupidity (which is why most people thought she wasn't 'very bright', including herself).

  2. I second Bere, well said. This was incredibly interesting. I find handwriting analysis fascinating. I've written about it before on my site; we are on the same page hahaha :p Thanks for posting!!

  3. I love MM but this piece is quite irritating to me. Comparing her to Lindsay Lohan or Lady Gaga is a sign of the graphologist's success? And the quote about her being dumb because she is "on this crummy train with this crummy girls' band" is a line from Some Like It Hot, it is misleading to represent it as something she actually wrote.