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my tumbler page

I’m finally trying to do something with my long neglected Tumblr page.

Do you want to exchange links?!

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17 Responses to “Are you on Tumblr?”

  1. anya elise says:

    Yes, please! I'm constantly looking to find interesting Tumblr blogs to follow. Love the layout you're sporting there. Caught my eye immediately.



  2. somewhat nameless says:

    Of course I have a Tumblr. I'm addicted. I have two actually:

  3. camilia says:

    sure sure :)

  4. Krissy ♥ says:

    I love Tumblr! I have a few blogs for different subjects, but my main one is

  5. Julia says:

    yes! i am always looking for new tumblr friends and followers!

    my link is:
    I'll start following you now :)


  6. Len♥reNeverM♥re says:

    Just like yours, mine is neglected for months now! I might resume when I retire from my day job perhaps?


  7. Ashley says:


    I have started following you as well.

  8. Dylana Suarez says:

    Looks great!

    Just came across your blog!


  9. La says:

    yes, would love to exchange links:

  10. gracey says:

    yay! here's mine –

  11. The Hausfrau says:

    Yes–and I'm following you now!

  12. themagickbox says:

    love your layout!

    mine's: :)

  13. cassie says:

    my tumblr is

    i found your blog through a one of my favorites:

    i just started following you :)

  14. Milady Productions says:

    I really really LOVE your tumblr!
    I am trying to figure out it's place in my webworld…little shots of visual sweets is what i've come up with. I can see how one could start to get lost in here! Delightful distractions

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