I’m very excited about the Royal Engagement!   I need this distraction: Like what sort of dress should Kate wear? And where should they honeymoon? And how will they decorate the castle

 and all that?

The Internet is buzzing with royal trivia and advice:

For example,  Fashionista offers suggestions on wedding dresses.

The Telegraph suggests that Victoria Beckham design the royal gown.

AOL ponders whether Kate could be queen.

The Daily Beast applauds William’s decision to marry a commoner.

The Queen sent her congrats on Twitter?

The engagement china is already set.

And Kate will wear Diana’s engagement ring!

Oh, and by the way, the Beatles are on iTunes. 


9 Comments on Are you ready for a royal wedding?

  1. I am! I AM ready for a royal wedding! I remember in great detail the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles – got up at the crackadawn with my mother to watch Every Moment on tv…it was so grand and amazing…

    Thanks for the great news, I hadn't heard yet!

  2. I think they have been talking about getting married for the past four years! finally…

    i have this irrational irritation that she's wearing diana's ring. i dont know why, obviously she should have it…but….
    No, no Victoria Beckham should definitely not design a gown for her.

    I don't know how much media coverage will be allowed, but I would be so much fun to watch this.

  3. I squealed when I heard the news! I'm just so excited, I wasn't alive when Charles & Diana got married so they are sort of like my generations royal couple.