Ok, I admit it. I’m an Internet addicted Janeite. So here it is, my latest discovery: Darcy on Twitter (created by the lovely Austen Pride.)

The Colin Firth Darcy is the best, don’t you think? And I love the bio:  “Currently unemployed, living off my considerable assets. Dislikes: gold diggers. Likes: lively women with fine eyes.”

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Retweet indeed!




9 Comments on Darcy on Twitter

  1. Excellent, love it! And yes, the Colin Firth Darcy is the ultimate one – it's astonishing he hasn't been completely buried by the character though.

  2. hahah! i love this! <3 and colin firth <3 the ultimate darcy! well, he`s gorgeous in any role.

    great blog! ^^d

  3. the vision of Colin Firth coming out of the lake in his white shirt……….It took the British public by storm at the time the whole of the UK went " Darcy " mad. There was such a great on screen chemistry between Colin Firth & Jenifer Ehle who played Miss Elizabeth Bennett. One dark winters Sunday last year sat by a roaring open fire with a very red nose I sat & watched the whole 6 hours in one go……….