In honor of Patti Smith’s National Book Award win this week I’m giving away a new copy of
her book, “Just Kids.”

So leave a comment here. The winner will be announced on Monday!

AND THE WINNER IS: Someone in Jogja City!


48 Comments on Giveaway: Patti Smith’s "Just Kids" (CLOSED)

  1. I was looking at a magazine at a medical office the other day. I so didn't expect an essay by Patti Smith talking about how she always considered herself a writer, and how music was just a way in to her voice. For many reasons her words resonated with me and I wound up in tears, but exhilarated at the same time. So glad she won. She's more than a rock star. She's the rock star.

  2. ooh! ooh! pick me! pick me! (i'm the girl in the back raising her hand as high as she can hoping to be seen)

    i'd LOVE to win this giveaway …


  3. Jaimy Gordon and Patti Smith winning in one year is a breath of fresh air. It was interesting that there were more female judges this year than any other.

  4. I´ve read the Spanish translation and I really liked it. I´d like to have the one in the original language.

  5. Love Love Love that book!! Would love to have another copy of it to give to a very special friend of mine for christmas.

  6. Thanks for all the inspiration — daily. Can't wait to read this book. Count me in for the giveaway, thanks!

  7. this is my very first comment to any blog ever. love your blog. read it from beginning to end over the last week. cheers!

  8. I have been meaning to read this…Looks interesting…Choose me, choose me! (I have never been above begging…why start now…At my age one is devoid of youthful charm so begging becomes the enticement of choice…)

  9. Ooohhh, yes please.

    I actually JUST downloaded "An Evening with Patti Smith" from the "Free Library Podcast". It's a FABULOUS podcast with recordings of guest authors that speak at the Philadelphia Free Library… I highly recommend it!!