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(Hamlet page created by the very clever Sarah Schmelling.)


5 Comments on Hamlet, the FB News Feed Edition

  1. These are hilarious. I fear for my work ethic when I see things like this…because of course, it's tempting to think of other plays, novels, epic poems, whatever.

  2. So much fun. In my son's 7th grade social studies class, they had a similar assignment: create a Facebook page for a Renaissance figure, complete with a conversation between that person and another notable of the time, plus their list of friends. Very fun. The kids went to down

  3. I love this! Wonder if anyone will get round to a Midsummer Night's Dream, or are some things un-facebookable?

  4. Ha! So stinkin' clever!

    Now I only need add S. Schmelling's too too funny take to
    Kenneth Branaugh's brilliant classical turn and Ethan Hawke's more modern of versions to my forever favorite of Mr. Shakespeare's works :)