We went to dinner this weekend at our favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant. I was breaking open a fortune cookie and lamenting about how things
haven’t been happening fast enough
in my life.

 Maybe it’s one of the underestimated consequences of the recession. 
Everything takes so much longer: returned emails and phone calls, job offers and freelance.
 Sometimes I think I could lose my mind with the waiting.

I sighed when this little slip fell from the torn cellophane.


Damn prescient fortune cookie, who writes these things?


14 Comments on Wisdom in a Fortune Cookie

  1. Ah, sometimes it's funny how spot-on fortune cookies can be. We all need a little patience :)

  2. The holographic universe in which everything is connected to everything else, all one has to have are eyes to see, and ears to hear! πŸ˜‰

  3. I truly understand you, it's the same here in Spain, I think you must star a novel. It wold be a succes.

  4. Such a great post – we always seem to get the message we don't want to hear!! Thinking good thoughts for you!

  5. Yep. I know how you feel (for the past 5 years…).

    Just returned 3 minutes ago w/friend taking me for Chinese. It sais something about love life going well (or will). Ha.


  6. not the Chinese that's for sure.. it's totally an American thing which is hilarious when you see what your's says!!
    You're supposed to read them and add "in bed" to the end… hhhmmmmm

  7. oh, you make me laugh!
    my son loves fortune cookies, so we just bought a box at the grocery. [we eat Thai and Indian before Chinese]
    anyway, one of them told him to expect a large package in the mail. whhhaaa? so everyday, he asked if he got a large package. finally, my husband ordered something from Amazon to end the whole thing. i mean, isn't that a LITTLE specific? shouldn't it have said something like 'expect a big surprise' or be more VAGUE?
    who writes these things, indeed!

  8. It's funny how those things always seem to tell either the most obvious things or the last thing you want to hear right then, and sometimes both!