Dani Padgett writes on her flickr profile that she’s in a creative slump, but you’d never know that by looking at her amazing photos…
My cat is cuter than yours

Hannah & Kitten

Hannah & Heather


The pictures of her cat and friends are lovely — and so is her San Francisco apartment!


12 Comments on Dani Padgett’s amazing SF apartment (and cat)

  1. Photo taking is a great way to get through a 'creative slump'. In fact to us viewers, we just see the creative flair! :)

  2. The last photo is scary!….having gone out with a Ballerina, i should be used to such poses, but i never quite got used to walking into a room and seeing vertical splits, or bizarre balancing acts on nubs of furniture! 😛

  3. I'm going to print out the first picture and paste it to my desk. Whenever I try to do something stupid — procrastinate, overspend online, watch too many Korean variety shows –, that cat will scare me into correctness.

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