Katie at Little Toil of Love tipped me off to this!
It was created by Mark Brownlow at Famous Inboxes blog.

I love how Charlotte Collins posted wedding photos on flickr and Darcy sent an email with the subject line: “The answer’s still no, then?”  The apparent response: “Stop emailing me you stuck up prejudiced prig.”

Very funny!


12 Comments on Elizabeth Bennet’s Email Inbox

  1. Hey, irrelevant question, but if one has a Tumbrl page, do they have to post only their own photographs or from other people too (with a link to the source of course).

  2. I was actually thinking about Jane Austen petticoats the other day (sad lass that I am!). How did they keep them clean? I mean they didn't have tarmac did they? They just walked around in the mud all the time (especially Elizabeth – she was particularly prone to running about in the countryside bubbling with sexual tension). And of course, in those days it wasn't just mud in the street that they had to contend with! It must have kept the laundresses in business anyway!