Are you a fan of Pride, Predjudice and Zombies?
Well…the book’s very enterprising marketing team is rolling out a full-blow social media campaign this month that includes an Etsy shop for Ms. Bennet, where she’s selling
a Zombie apothecary kit (for $100).

Take a look:

Ms. Bennet describes herself this way on her Etsy profile page:

“I, Elizabeth Bennet, lived a life of peace and propriety in the English countryside until a pustulent plague of unmentionables rose from the earth and began to wreak havoc on dear Hertfordshire. Thankfully, my sisters and I were trained in the most vicious defense techniques: swordplay, hand-to-hand combat, musketry, and sharp wit. Thus, my life has been devoted to fighting off the dreadfuls (as well as the attentions of a distasteful man named Mr. Darcy). 

I hope you will benefit from this zombie prevention kit, as well as a hardcover copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a tale inspired by my family’s struggle to defeat the unmentionables.”

The kit includes “Bleed-Banishing Balm, Gnaw-be-Gone Purifying Poultice, Reanimate and Perambulate Smelling Salt.”

What is it about Jane Austen that inspires such cleverness?


5 Comments on Elizabeth Bennet’s Zombie Combat Kit

  1. That's awesome, love it!! I still have to read that book sometime. Have a great weekend! :) amy

  2. I kind of feel that my life will forever be incomplete until I own this package of delightfulness.
    Love your blog! xo