Phillip Lim dress, Antique Chair
We could:
1. Keep looking.
2. Take a break from house hunting and clean the carpet in our flat.
3. Go to Paris for three weeks in January.


We still haven’t heard any news. (The sellers have until tomorrow to decide.)
I’m trying to distract myself.

(Photo by Le Portillon.)


10 Comments on If we don’t get the house…

  1. Of course, I hope you get the house. But distract yourself with some fun Paris planning. Reread Paris to the Moon, read Hazel's Clever Pup's Paris Notebook, make something French for dinner. xoxo

  2. The little Victorian home you've found is too cute! Good luck – I hope your offer is accepted. (Although 3 weeks in Paris wouldn't be a bad consolation option).

  3. I hope you get it lovely. I want us to meet up in Paris, that would be amazing and we can blog and drink coffee and eat pastries

  4. I'm thinking really good thoughts for you. I think you will get it!!! If by chance you don't, definitely three weeks in Paris is a great second choice!