Dec 18, 2010

by English Muse

For me, this is one of the many joys of starting a new year: Flipping through the pages of a new Redstone Diary…

For years now I’ve been hooked on the colorful calendars produced by the UK publishing house Redstone Press.

Every year, they pick a different theme: this year it’s The Artist’s World.

Here’s the site’s explainer:

“Get to know: Louise Bourgeois, Georges Braque, Paul Klee, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, René
Magritte, Kazimir Malevich, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Kurt Schwitters, Varvara Stepanova and many others through remarkable photographs and revealing texts. The diary also contains a special year-planner illustrated with a rare and beautiful series of drawings made by Pierre Bonnard in his diaries.”

I can’t wait!

My previous Redstone favorite: Happiness.

Do you have a diary that you’re hooked on, too?

(PS: Amazon has the 2011 Redstone Diary stocked here.)


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4 Responses to “Redstone Diary”

  1. Ms Smart says:

    yeah, that looks great. i want one.

  2. alexkeller says:

    i haven't kept a diary in ages, but this just might be a great way to start up again – thanks!

  3. Kickcan and Conkers says:

    I love Redstone's Diaries too and wrote about this one and last year's Russian Literature one too. This year I've got my eye on a circus-themed diary from lazy Oaf however,

  4. Victoria - Shift the Scene says:

    I do have a favorite one – the commonplace journal. I bought it from Levenger. I can't remember the entire history of its origins, but it was used by one of the US presidents.

    I like the one that is your favorite and I can certainly see why it is. I like the sound of the Happiness one.

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