New photos of books, mostly, on my tumblr page.

I’m having a very busy, stressful week trying to finish projects before the holidays.

But searching for beautiful images is so relaxing…

(Book stacks photo by Moa.)


6 Comments on Stacks

  1. I hope you have finished all your jobs and can relax with a good book now! I am all full of books at the moment as after 8 years my husband has finally built us some bookshelve.Hooray! I unburied my books from the shed and had the best afternoon rediscovering my old friends. Nearly all my gifts this year are books.
    I have given 'Christian the Lion', Kieth Richards autobiography, 'A Garden in the Hills', 'Best pubs in South Australia', 'Feng Shui by Pooh' and 'Amazing Cats'.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

  2. Me too! So much to finish and so little time! Hope you get all yours done. That is quite a stack isn't it?! :) xx